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Business application

Accounting and business management information systems are typically made up of many sub systems. Ancillary systems often fulfill the business need where update to, or investment in, an integrated system from a single vendor is not justified; either economically or because of the length of time or disruption involved in implementation. An analytical tool such as a spreadsheet can be used to explore business processes in order to find a solution to a need or provide flexible early reporting.

Executive-E is expert in this field and regularly creates custom tables, templates, reports and other objects for clients, using spreadsheets and databases. We can also look at the bigger picture and extend the internal controls of the business, enabling reconciliation and reporting of key performance indicators. A key aspect of this area is understanding when and how best to use unique identifier and sequential numbering techniques to preserve the integrity of the system as a whole and avoid the issues that so often arise when disparate systems evolve organically. Over the years we have written and developed a number of articles, tutorials, spreadsheets & database files and documentation for a variety of business applications.

Sales ledger

This downloadable sales ledger spreadsheet file demonstrates many techniques applied in a simple sales ledger to:

  • control input (please note the sheets with standing information, used for reference and automatically linked to confirm transactions);
  • provide summary information (see the analysis and also summaries below the transactions);
  • search for specific transactions (try double clicking a number on the analysis page or filtering on the transactions page).
A mini-system such as this can be used to:
  • gather information for control, review and early reporting;
  • extend sales ledger reporting and analysis by appending categories;
  • overcome limitations in package software;
  • understand or explain a business process;
  • enable staff with limited accounting training to record basic information that can easily be appended to and amended at a later stage;
  • batch information, document controls and record classifications prior to import to the main accounting ledgers.

We continually develop new material and welcome requests and feedback to provide nourishment to this process. Please e-mail any constructive comments to support@executive-e.co.uk